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The buddies are back!

Welcome back boys!

best aew podcast

pretty sure the everything elite podcast stole the world tour name from y’all?

Here comes the Boom!

Good reviews and an honest take on the product. Discord channel is great and a fun place to hangout while AEW is on.

Consistent Quality

Guys give consistent quality to their weekly show.

Super Solid AEW Podcast

Great hosts who cover all aspects of the AEW universe and products

They are the ELITE!

The best wrestling podcast on the internet, no matter the federation!

Prob the best AEW podcast out there

I’ve listened to a few and this is def amongst the strongest. They cover everything including BTE, Dark and Dynamite as well as any other storylines that a fan may be interested in. Strongly recommended 👍


These guys get it and cover AEW exclusively and do a great job of it! If you are looking for a pod about AEW, this is THE pod you need!

A Must-Listen for All AEW Fans

As someone new to most of the wrestlers in AEW, I am grateful for this podcast. They do an amazing job providing background and analysis while building excitement for the upcoming shows. I also love hearing their takes on behind the scenes stuff. Great job Bryce and JD!

Fantastic for any Wrestling fan

These guys know there Wrestling. Very knowledgeable fans. AEW AEW AEW

Elite podcast

Amazing podcast. Found this podcast couple of days ago and going through episodes like crazy. Can’t wait to listen to you guys every week.

The People’s Pod

Love it. All AEW. Now part of my weekly listen list.

The Original

I was looking for a strictly AEW podcast since the news of its creation. I was so glad to see this when I searched AEW.